Friday, December 16, 2016

The Stealth Energy Drainer!

Low Energy? 

Did you know that your low energy may be caused by your environment?  Take a look around you right now.  What do you see?  Is there a lot of clutter around?  Clutter isn’t necessarily messy – it’s possible to have neatly arranged clutter, but in the end it’s still clutter and whether you realize it or not it’s having an effect on your energy level.

How Clutter Affects Your Energy

Clutter has a way of sneaking into your life without you even really being aware of it.  It slowly grows and entrenches itself so deeply that you’re not even consciously aware of it.  Day in and day out it’s just there sapping your energy and creativity leaving you unproductive and unhealthy.  

Physical & Mental Clutter

Clutter comes in two forms: physical and mental.  Physical clutter is the stuff in your environment.  It could be in your office, at home, in a spare room, in your car, anywhere.  It might be an eyesore that you close the door on or it might be neatly arranged but it’s still too much unnecessary stuff. 

Mental clutter is what’s happening in your head.  It might be negative thought patterns that run through your head, or the way you react to certain situations and people.  This clutter is probably so engrained that you’re not even aware it’s there.

Lose The Clutter And Gain The Energy!

Some tips on how to get rid of physical clutter:

·         Choose one small area to concentrate on – maybe your desk at work - and physically touch everything on it.  If you don’t touch it chances are you won’t see it.

·         Decide if the object is absolutely necessary.  What purpose does it serve?  Is it adding value to your life?  If there’s no purpose and no value get rid of it! 

·         Have someone with an unbiased opinion help you.  Get them to look at the space and tell you if there’s anything there they think you should get rid of.

·         Make a promise to yourself that when you acquire more stuff for that area you’ll get rid of one old thing for every one new thing you get.

Some tips on how to get rid of mental clutter:

·         Take a few minutes in a quiet place to really identify your mental clutter.  What are your thoughts like?  Are they negative?  Are they self-defeating?  Once you identify the thoughts that are not serving you well make a conscious effort to not let these types of thoughts take over your brain.

·         When you find yourself in a stressful situation ready to react without thinking, ask yourself “What are my options?”  Taking a second to evaluate the situation and what the outcome of your reaction might be will help you to make a better choice.  When you practice this regularly it becomes easier to choose the more positive reaction.

·         Think about your daily routine and habits.  Are they serving a purpose or are they actually destructive?  What are your habits?  Are they good or bad?  How can you improve?  

·         Are you procrastinating on anything?  This can be a huge energy drainer.  If there’s something that needs to be done that you don’t really feel like doing do it first thing so it’s out of your way and not draining your energy.

Your Health Depends On It

If you have low energy you’re not going to be able to give 100% of yourself to anything.  Your fitness will suffer, your work will suffer and your relationships will suffer.  Get rid of your mental and physical clutter so you can feel and be your best! 

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