Monday, December 19, 2016

Get Healthy Now!

 Now Is The Time To Get Healthy!

Are you planning on getting fit and healthy…..later?  Why later?  What’s stopping you right now?  If you really want to be healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) the time to do it is now.  The problem with setting a date for when you’re going to start is that quite often things will happen that will help you justify putting that date off and the cycle of wanting to get healthy but not doing what you need to do continues. 

What’s Stopping You From Getting Healthy?

I think pretty much everyone wants a healthy and strong body and mind but so many people fail to be successful.  Let’s look at a couple of reasons why:

Too impatient:  We live in a world of instant gratification.  We’ve gotten used to being able to get pretty much anything we want fast!  The thing with health and fitness is it doesn’t come fast and a lot of people have a really hard time of putting in the extra time and effort needed for the big payoff.  People get frustrated or distracted and before they know it they go back to bad habits and never get the success they want.  With fitness you have to be patient and celebrate the small achievements.  This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

No specific goal and no proper planning:  You have to have a goal and a plan and you have to write it down.  So many people will jump into a new fitness and nutrition program with very vague goals ie ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to be stronger’.  Your goal needs to be specific and you need a plan that can be broken down into steps.  Hire a trainer to help you if you need to.  With no plan the chances of success are very slim.

No support:  This can be a tough one.  If you’re trying to get healthy but your family just isn’t on board it can be very challenging to stick with it.  You need to either get your family on board or seek out support elsewhere.  You support system could be a friend or group of friends you workout with or an online support group.  You have options and you need to look into them because without support your chances of being successful become very low.

How To Get Healthy Now 

Here are some tips to get you started right now!

Make the decision to start now no matter what.  First off, make the decision to do it!  Make it fit into your schedule and don’t let anything get in the way.  Treat your workout times as appointments that you cannot cancel and after a while it will become just a normal part of your daily routine.

Don’t over think it.  Don’t over think the details of what you have to do.  If you start thinking about all you need to do to get to your ultimate goal you just might give up before you even begin.  Make a promise to yourself to just take it one day at a time.

Do make a plan.  Decide what time of day you’ll be able to fit in your workout – it could be 30 minutes in the morning, or on your lunch break, or right after work before you go home.  Decide and commit!  Decide what foods you’re going to be eating and stock your cupboards and fridge.  Better yet decide what foods you will no longer eat and make sure those foods never come home with you. 

Be accountable.  You need to be accountable if you want long term success.  This could be committing to working out with a friend, or paying up front for a workout program such as a 1 month bootcamp, or joining an accountability group on Facebook.  Whatever it is make sure you have someone to be accountable to every day.  If you don’t have that I can almost guarantee that you’ll eventually give up and where’s that going to get you??

Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Everyone has the responsibility to look after themselves so they can live their best life and be there for their loved one.  If you’re procrastinating on making healthy lifestyle changes today is the day you stop that.  Make one small change right now and then write out your long term plan.  Share your plan with friends and family, or an accountability group and then get to it!

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