Thursday, January 12, 2017

What's Moringa?


As a fitness pro who owns a small studio and teaches most of the classes at that studio I’m always on the hunt for anything that will help keep me as healthy as possible and as energized as possible.  I can’t afford to burn out ;)  I was recently introduce to Moringa Oleifera and was given some samples to try.  I had heard of it before and knew it was a tree (not some weird supplement made in a lab) so I was totally open to trying it out.  I’ve only tried a few of the products but so far I’m REALLY impressed.  So impressed that I figured I’d better do a little research and find out a little more about this tree.  Here’s what I found:

Some Benefits Of The Moringa Oleifera Tree


1.        Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds.  The leaves are about 25% protein (huge for a plant) and contain all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein.  It would be a great option for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan and struggling to get enough complete proteins in their diet.  You can buy supplements but many are made with synthetic ingredients that your body can’t absorb.  Always strive to get your nutrition from natural sources.
2.       Check out the nutrition in the leaves!  7 times the vitamin C of an orange, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 3 times the vitamin E of spinach, 3 times the iron of almonds and 2 times the protein of yogurt. 
3.       It gives you energy!  Moringa is a rich source of iron, magnesium and calcium which all support energy yielding metabolism. 
4.       And the health benefits!  Regularly consuming moringa has been linked to lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, improved digestion, decreased inflammation and improved mood!  It’s also a good weight loss aid because it’s high in fibre and low in fat and calories.  The leaves have been used to treat asthma, bronchitis, anemia and even eye and ear infections.  The bark of the tree and the seeds it produces can also be used for nutrition and for improving immune system strength which means you can fight off illness and infection better.

The Products I’ve Tried So Far


Vegan Protein Powder
It mixed well in a shaker cup and the taste was quite good (I tried vanilla).  I experienced no stomach upset and wasn’t hungry again for hours. 

Electrolyte Drink
Delicious!!  Not too sweet like a lot of electrolyte drinks.  With the large number of spin classes I teach and the large amount I sweat I need a good electrolyte drink!

Pre-Workout Capsule
I teach 1-3 spin classes every day and every now and then I need a boost.  I’ve tried many pre-workout capsules and drinks and pretty much all of them made me nauseous and/or jittery and there was always a big crash later in the day.  When I tried this one I was expecting the same thing but I was very pleasantly surprised!  I felt INCREDIBLE!  I felt very energetic, clear headed and focused and not at all jittery.  There was no crash and 6 hours later I was still feeling energized – no need or a nap!  Definitely need to take this early in the day though.

I still have quite a few things in my sample pack to try so I’ll keep you posted on what the rest is like.  So far, I’m super impressed and really happy that I decided to try moringa out.

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