Friday, January 06, 2017

Live Your Life With Intention

Intention & Purpose

In these busy times where we’re bombarded with too much information and too many products to consume it can be really difficult to live with intention and purpose.  I think all the distractions causes us to lose a deep connection to ourselves and without that deep connection your life isn’t as fulfilling as it could be.  How can we live life with intention and purpose when we’re continuously being distracted by the latest info or gadget?  It takes a bit of work but it’s totally worth it if it means living a life you’re passionate about.

The Prep Work


Make a choice


Every day is a clean slate.  You get to make your own decisions and you get to choose what your attitude is.  You can let the little annoyances get you down or you can decide to notice them but not react to them, or even find the humorous side to them.  Nobody and no situation can make you feel a certain way – you get to choose how you feel and how you react.  Once you realize this and take ownership for your decisions and attitude you’ll be well on your way to living your life with intention.

Get to know yourself


You might think you already know yourself, but do you really?  Have you let yourself explore your true passions?  Do you even know what they are or are you too busy letting yourself become distracted by all the chaos around you?  What areas do you strive in?  What areas are you weak in?  What really gets you excited?  Take the time to really think about this and really get to know yourself.

The Practical Work


Stop comparing your life to someone else’s


Comparing your life to someone else’s just holds you back and doesn’t allow you to focus on your own purpose.  Everyone is going to live their life differently so comparing your life to someone else’s is a huge waste of time and energy.  Live your life and don’t worry about everyone else’s

Set goals


Decide what your true passion is and then write down your goals.  Write down your ultimate goal and then break that down into smaller goals that will get you there.  Create a roadmap of what you need to do to succeed and celebrate each time you hit a goal.

Stay focused


This one can be tough.  There are SO many distractions that are just begging for your time and attention.  Don’t let the distractions win!  Focus on what you want and keep moving towards it.  Spend 10 minutes every day reflecting on what you want and what the next step you need to take is.  When you learn how to block out the distractions you’ll truly feel like you’re living your life with purpose and intention.

What’s The Point Of All This?

Nobody wants to look back on their life and feel like they’ve wasted it.  If that’s how you’re feeling now don’t worry because it’s never too late to start living with intention and purpose.  Commit to living your best life and don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.

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