Monday, August 03, 2015

Tired Legs? Try These Ideas!

There’s nothing worse than trying to get in a good workout and discovering that your legs are too tired to do what you want them to do.  Leg recovery is so important and should be a part of your regular training routine.  Here are some great ways to help you keep those legs fresh and strong:

·         Nutrition! - Make sure to refuel properly after every workout.  I like to have a protein shake right after a workout to help my muscles start to rebuild themselves as quickly as possible, and then within the next 2 hours have a healthy meal that includes healthy carbs, fats and of course protein.  That 2 hour window is crucial for recovery – you must give your body the fuel it needs to rebuild if you want to get stronger!

·         Massage - You can do this yourself or have a nice friend do it for you J  Make sure to massage all the muscles in your legs.  Massage actually helps to remove the metabolic waste that’s built up in your muscles due to your workout.  

·         Stretching – You have to stretch after your workouts.  After a workout your muscles are shortened and tight.  You need to lengthen and loosen them up.  This will also help to move built up metabolic waste out of the muscles and it will take tension off your joints.  Chronically tight muscle groups typically lead to injury down the road.

·         Epsom salts bath – Epsom salts are alkaline and will help to neutralize the lactic acid that’s built up in your muscles.

·         Cold Water! - This is one of my favourites even though it’s not the most pleasant feeling at first.  You can soak in a tub of cold water (add ice if you’re really hard core) or you can do it in the shower.  I like the shower option.  Take the shower head and direct it at one of your legs and slowly cool the water down until it’s cold.  Keep the water on your leg for about 30 seconds, do the other leg and then warm up the water again.  Repeat for as many times as you like.  

Try some of these options and see what works for you. 

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