Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back Pain Makes You Annoying

I threw my back out about 10 days ago - not good when you teach fitness for a living and have upcoming rides.  Yesterday it was feeling good and I'd been teaching a few indoor cycling classes in the previous days so thought I was out of the woods.  I taught my first class and felt great, then I taught my second class and felt great...until I got off my bike.  As soon as I got off my bike I knew I was in trouble.  So here I am back on the couch flat on my back almost back to square one.  I must say, eating on your back sucks - unless you like keeping a detailed food diary on your shirt.

Over the past 10 days I've come to realize something.  You know all those annoying people who move super slow?  They walk slow, they drive slow, they come to almost a complete stop when trying to make a simple right turn and you just can't figure out how someone can move that slow through life?  I've come to realize that they all must have back problems!  I know this because I have become the annoying slow moving person.  Making a fast right turn in the car can be excruciating! 

So now when I'm stuck behind some slow person, I feel sympathy rather than frustration and think 'Ah, poor guy.  He must have a back problem'.

Your back rules your world, take care of it ;)

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