Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leg Recovery

Today we rode out to Porteau Cove and it was awesome! 

Climbing hill after hill, chasing after the 2 guys in the lead, legs burning, heart pounding, lungs feeling like they may burst at any moment....I felt exhilarated!  I LOVE hills!!

I rode just over 92km today and when I got home my legs felt heavy and tired.  No worries though because I knew just what to do!  At the end of my shower I ran the water over just my legs and slowly made the water cooler and cooler until it was as cold as it would go.  I then slowly counted to 30 as I ran the water over one leg and then the other.  A little uncomfortable, but when I was done my legs felt refreshed and ready for tomorrow to teach my 3 spin classes and a Total Body Conditioning class. 

Cold water really works well on tired legs - give it a try after your next big ride, or tough workout!

Now it's time for a snack and a nap :)

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