Friday, January 04, 2013

I Feel SO Good Now!

Taking a break is great (and necessary!), but nothing feels better than getting back into the routine!

I spent a week in Powell River pretty much just sleeping, eating everything in sight and visiting with my family - it was a blast :)

I taught my first class on Wed. at 9:30am to a group of 10 'eager to get back at it' participants and I'm not gonna lie - I thought it might kill me!  I kind of love that feeling though ;) 

It's only day 3 of being back in the saddle, but I already feel stronger.  It really takes no time at all to get back in the swing of things!

So if you're looking for some fabulous indoor cycling classes (aka spinning) in Point Grey/Kits (we're on 4th Avenue & Alma) come check out Wholey Fit!

There are also Boxing classes (no experience necessary) and some really FUN interval training classes. 

What's keeping you from trying something new and fun?

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