Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nutrition, Health & Weight Loss

I was speaking today with a fellow passionate fitness leader about nutrition and how important it is to your success, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or just improve your overall health.  One of the things we spoke about was how so many people don't make the connection between proper nutrition and optimal health.  When someone wants to get in shape and improve their health nine times out of ten the first thing they think about is adding exercise to their lifestyle.  A great place to start but that's not all there is to it.  You also have to think about eating proper, real foods that are nutrient dense and not processed.

I get so frustrated when I hear so called nutritionists insisting that weight loss hinges only on calories in versus calories out.  That's just too simplistic and very misleading to the average person who doesn't know enough about proper nutrition on the cellular level.  Sure - if you eat a ton of calories and don't move you will gain weight, but think about this for a moment: if you meet two people and one of them is eating a 1500 calorie diet consisting of fast foods and processed foods and the other is eating a 1500 calorie diet consisting of real foods that actually occur naturally (and will go bad if left out on the counter for a day or two) you will have two completely different bodies, not to mention brains.  Not only will the fast food person be physically unhealthy, they will also be mentally unhealthy.  They'll probably suffer from depression, lack of energy and a whole slew of other health problems.  The sad thing is they may never make the connection between healthy food and a healthy mind and body.

People have to realize the importance of what they put in their body.  I like this analogy: if you build a condo out of crappy materials what do you get?  A leaky condo of course!  If you build it out of high quality materials what do you get?  A beautiful home that you'll be able to live in for a long, long time.  So why would you think your body is any different?  Put crappy materials in and you end up with a body that's unhealthy and breaking down.  Put high quality materials in and you end up with a strong healthy body that you will live a long, happy, productive life in free of a lot of the pains/ailments that many people suffer from today!

In this age of processed and convenient everything we've managed to save some time, but we've lost our health.  That's too high of a price for a little convenience if you ask me. 

So the next time you sit down to eat something ask yourself this: if I didn't have access to any stores and had to hunt for my food would I be able to find what I'm about to eat?  If you're about to eat a twinkie, I have some bad news: there are no twinkie trees out there.  If you're about to eat a salad and a nice steak you're making a wise decision that will affect your body in a positive way.

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